Brightside specializes in rescuing, rehabilitating and re homing greyhounds. We have lots of them ... all sizes temperaments and ages. All absolutely wonderful dogs.

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mini pigs

mini pigs

Brightside has a number of mini pigs for adoption that we rescued from a hoarder. They had a miserable existance but are happy now. Mini pigs are wonderful if you have a good set up for them. They are intelligent, strong willed, dig (actually ....plough like a tractor) and require the very best fencing and a warm house. They live for 10 to 14 years. Feel free to call Emma during business hours for more information.

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Owen was rescued from a factory farm when he was about 5 weeks old. We were shocked to find he and his friends were missing the ends of their toes as they had been cut off as had the tips of his beaks. This is standard practice in the turkey farming industry. No sedation or pain relief is given to these poor little baby birds. Thankfully he and his friends can still walk and perch. Owen's favourite food is watermelon which he absolutely loves.

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Albert and Einstein

albert and einstein

Albert and Einstein were captured and taken from the wild by dealers, they were separated from their mothers when they were only babies and taken to an animal sale. Thankfully Brightside was at the sale rescuing donkeys and the two baby camels landed on their feet and found themselves heading to Tasmania to lead happy and safe lives at Brightside.

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Esther has been a resident at Brightside since she was a few days old. She and her sister Annabel were born on a dairy farm so were taken from their mothers shortly after their birth.

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The Runaways !!

the runnaways

The runaways are 3 girls who turned up at the Brightside gateway one Saturday afternoon. They stood on the road holding up the traffic until someone opened the gate and let them in !!

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Mrs Bun and friends

mrs bun

Mrs Bun and her 19 rabbit friends are permanent residents at Brightside. Many like Mrs Bun have lived most of their lives in tiny battery cages where they were used to produce baby rabbits for their meat.

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Henry was rescued from a factory farm when he was a few days old. He was very sick and weak and could barely stand up. Today he is a far cry from that poor little piglet we thought would die. He is the life of Brightside and every ones favorite.

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Waan came to us when she was a day old she was very weak and sick. She had an incredibly strong desire to survive and thats exactly what this dear little goat did !

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Bubby has been a Brightside resident for 2 years, he came to us when he was 4 as he was unable to stay in his old home and they could not stand the thought of him being slaughtered and eaten. He loves being a favorite resident at Brightside and is showered with love and affection which he takes all in his giant stride.

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Gillian is a long term resident of Brightside. She was an orphan as a lamb and lives in our flock of rescued sheep. Gillian is a quiet and friendly girl who likes people especially if there is a bucket of delicious oats involved !

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Black Vala

Black Vala

We rescued Black Vala from Zeehan in Tasmania. She was skin and bone and the vet thought she may die. Thankfully with careful feeding and care we restored her to good health. Vala is a permanent resident at Brightside.

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In Memory of Paul. Paul was a favourite resident at Brightside. He loved people and generally spent his days in the carpark and barn where the action is. Paul loved pats and cuddles and if you gave him a tickle under the wings he would return the favour by gentle preening your arm. Sadly we lost Paul late 2013 to illness caused by the breeding practices of the intensive turkey industry where massive and un natural weight gain causes chronic joint inflammation and disease. He is so terribly missed by all of us and will always be a favourite in our hearts.

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Winston was our Christmas rescue pig in 2009. We save a pig each Christmas while sadly most people choose to eat them.

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