Brightside Farm Sanctuary is  home to 250 animals including  cows, sheep, donkeys,  pigs, ponies and horses, dogs, geese, rescued battery hens, ducks,goats, rabbits, birds, ferrets and even a family of rescued domestic rats who were found in a plastic container dumped at the tip.

We also foster and re-home animals including about 300 dogs a year many are rescued greyhounds that always happily fit in at Brightside.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Gandhi

Brightside is home to Wilbur one of the piggy stars of the Paramount Pictures film Charlottes Web. She and her friends who have been rescued from piggeries love to spend time with visitors and especially enjoy a tummy rub and a chat.

Sadly our farm sanctuary cannot rescue every suffering, abused or factory-farmed animal but those that do find a home at Brightside begin their new life here as ambassadors for those less fortunate of their species, many of whom are locked away in rows of tiny cages in windowless ammonia filled sheds on factory farms. The animals show their personalities, their gentle natures and their desire to meet people. We tell their individual stories in the hope that people will see farm animals in a new light. We hope people will realize there really is no difference in the way a pig, cow, dog or cat interact with humans when they are treated with kindness and overcome fear.

We find many people after visiting Brightside no longer want animals to be part of their diet, it seems that once people meet and spentime with farm  animals they usually only see on their plate they think differently about them and realise they are so much more than a human meal.

Please take time to meet our some of our animal friends through our website. Brightside is a special place where animals feel safe.

Animal are my friends and I don't eat my friends. George Bernard Shaw