Brightside Farm Sanctuary founder Emma Haswell has a long association with farming. Her family started farming in Tasmania in 1823 and Emma herself worked on a feedlot, a dairy and grazing properties before going on to farm herself then realizing that her love of animals meant she was more suited to becoming an activist, vegan and sanctuary founder. She has spoken to over 30,000 students about Animal Rights/Welfare and factory farming and also at many public events and Tasmanian Leaders Conferences.


Brightside presentations take place both in schools and at Brightside in our visitors centre. They are informative, enlightening, inspiring and allow every student to become what we believe is very important, an informed consumer.  When speaking in schools Emma is always accompanied by one of the wonderful Brightside pigs who you can see in the photos above are  a star attraction every time!

After an introductory talk and power point presentation on farm animals and animal rights secondary students view one of 2 short films. The Animals Australia Youth DVD or An Eternal Treblinka the Brightside film by film maker Gary Rhodes.

Possibly one of the most moving experiences- I came here completely unaware of how cruel man has become in his meat eating existence. Keep changing the masses, Wonderful work- I will  spread the word. | ALICE

The dvd is followed by a general discussion and question time and then time for meeting our piggy friend. For schools visiting Brightside there is plenty of time to meet our wonderful residents and we have a big barn for wet weather visits.

We deliver a balanced and thought provoking session on farm animals  demonstrating the different methods of farming for example free range and battery systems and discussing the emotional and physical needs of all animals.

Thank you Emma,It was a fantastic experience for the children and such an un expected practical support to our unit on sustainable food.| ANNE PATEL – TEACHER. THE COTTAGE SCHOOL

Secondary presentations also cover the Animal Welfare Act and the short fallings of Codes of Practice for Farm Animals.

Sessions give students the information needed for them to become informed consumers able to make informed and compassionate choices about what they eat.

Emma is also available for community and other groups and runs workshops at several School and Youth Conferences each year.

These include The Millenium Development Goals Conference, The Friendly Conference and the Global Learning Centre Conferences in Launceston and Hobart.

Emma also gave a presentation on Animal Rights and Living by ones convictions at the Hutchins School Leadership Conference in 2008 and each year is a guest speaker for the  Tasmanian Leaders Program where she is invited to speak to Tasmania´s emerging leaders (from across the business, community and government sectors) at a ‘linking session´ of the annual Tasmanian Leaders Program  in Hobart.

You and your farm are a true inspiration. You have inspired me to reflect more upon what I consume and support. I really enjoyed my time at Brightside Farm. Thank you.| SOPHIE – YEAR 12 FRIENDS SCHOOL


Schools encorporate Brightside presentations into many different subjects from general school visits to all students in year groups to Ethics, Philosophy, Home Economics, Religion, Environmental Studies and Agricultural Science.


Set in the beautiful Huon Valley Brightside makes a fun and educational day out for students of both Primary and Secondary Schools.