Brightside was founded in 2006 by Emma Haswell. Emma and her daughter then 11 years old sold up and moved to a 50 acre paddock they purchased in the Huon Valley. The only thing in that paddock was a few trees and thank fully they were lent an old caravan until they purchased and moved a small timber house. They started out in the caravan with dogs, horses, pigs, cows, sheep and some rescued battery hens.

Today Brightside does not resemble that empty paddock…. There are barns and shelters, a house and small education centre, kennels and a cattery and accomodation for hundreds of rescued and recovering animals.

Emma has a long association with farm animals coming from a family who farmed in the Midlands of Tasmania dating back to 1823. After discovering that farming was not for animal lovers like her through first hand experience on sheep grazing properties, a cattle feedlot and a dairy she became a vegan animal rights campaigner.

She then founded Brightside with the aim of giving people the opportunity to meet the animals that they would usually only see on their plates and really discover that when treated well there really is no difference between the relationship and friendship a person can have with a dog or cat or a cow or pig.


Emma wanted to be able to save animals from suffering and create a safe place in the sun for them to recover and live out there lives. Brightside has now become a significant re homing centre for neglected and unwanted animals and re homes hundreds of animals each year.

“I am the voice of the voiceless; ¬†through me the dumb shall speak.Til the deaf worlds ears be made to hear.The wrongs of the wordless weak. And I am my brothers keeper, and I will fight his fights; and speak the words for beast and bird. Til the world shall set things right.”


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