Virtual Adoption – Black Vala





We rescued Black Vala from Zeehan in Tasmania. She was skin and bone and the vet thought she may die. Thankfully with careful feeding and care we restored her to good health. Vala is a permanent resident at Brightside.

Vala is a sweet, gentle horse who was badly let down by humans. She started life as a racehorse but was not fast enough, Sadly there are so many horses like Vala who end up starving in paddocks whe they are given away or sold cheaply by the racing industry. We found Vala in a terrible state of neglect, she was terribly malnourished and wormy. The vet thought she may die but thankfully we managed to save her and she will now spend her life with us in our rescue herd.

Breed: Thoroughbred

Sex: Female

Colour: black


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