Virtual Adoption – Esther





Esther has been a resident at Brightside since she was a few days old. She and her sister Annabel were born on a dairy farm so were taken from their mothers shortly after their birth.

Annabel was born premature so was the tiniest little calf we had ever seen. Like most calves born on dairy farms the girls were destined to be sold for veal at just a few days of age. We purchased the two of them from the dairy and bought them to their new home at Brightside where we could take care of them and rear them on a bottle.

Esther amazed us when she took on the role of mother even though the calves were both only a few days old. Annabel would suckle from Esthers tiny teats and Esther stood patiently being mum. After 6 months Esther started producing milk and feeding Annabel, it was incredible to witness.

Since that time Esther has started producing milk and become mum of many orphan calves at Brightside.

She is also a huge loverof people and loves cuddles and kisses.


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