Virtual Adoption – Mrs. Bun & friends





Mrs Bun and her 19 rabbit friends are permanent residents at Brightside. Many like Mrs Bun have lived most of their lives in tiny battery cages where they were used to produce baby rabbits for their meat.

Sadly they have had to spend their previous lives in raised tiny cages inside sheds. Now they spend their days in large fenced rabbit paddocks where they dig burrows, lie in the sun, run around and eat grass and fresh veggies. Rabbits love rabbit company and our rabbits live in groups, often we see them lounging around in a bunny pile grooming each other in the sun.

With all of our Virtual Adoptions, we will post out a Certificate of Adoption. Please let us know who you would like the certificate made out to and from in the Checkout ‘Order Notes’.

Breed: Rabbit

Sex: Female

Colour: Agouti and White


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