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Winston was our Christmas rescue pig – Christmas 2009. We save a pig each Christmas while sadly most people choose to eat them. For me Christmas is a sad time when so many animals are slaughtered in order for humans to celebrate peace on Earth!

Winston was a huge 3 year old boar from a piggery who had been sent to the saleyards to be auctioned off to the butchers. I saw him and he stared straight at me. I walked over and gave him a scratch on the head, he sat down bolt upright like a dog and continued to stare at me. The butchers all started to laugh. They were waiting for the bidding to commence.

Of course they had no chance Winston was coming home with us. He is the gentlest pig, he loves children and as soon as you touch his tummy he grunts and gently rolls over for a scratch on the belly.

He has been de sexed since arriving and now lives a blissfully happy life with Brightsides 20 other pigs. They spend their days grazing and swimming in their huge dam and at night they build huge nests out of hay in the barn and curl up in big pig piles….the littlest ones on top so they don´t get squashed.

Pictured right Winston can be seen dining on an enormous pile of strawberries….one of the pigs favourite foods !!

Sex: Male

Age: 6

Size: Large

Colour: Pink

Health information:

  • My health has been checked
  • My vaccinations are up-to-date
  • My worming is up-to-date


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