Brightside Farm Sanctuary is a unique place where animals can come to recover from abuse or neglect, where they can learn to trust humans again and wait for the right new home.


We take in alot of dogs from council pounds where we are their last chance, many of these animals  have suffered from neglect or cruel treatment. Brightside has a range of animals for adoption, animals just waiting for the right person or family to come along.

Many of our rescued horses come from saleyards in Victoria where they were destined to be sent to South Australian slaughterhouses for human grade horse meat exports. For most of the animals who come to us we are their only chance.

You can make a wonderful difference to the life of an animal by caring, loving and offering a second chance.  I invite you to look at our adoptees and hope that you will find a friend for life.

Emma Haswell

Brightside Farm Sanctuary Founder.