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Brightside in the media

One of Brightside’s key objectives is to raise awareness of animal welfare issues in the community.  Over the past few years we have achieved this aim not only with our education program but through engaging the media extensively on many topical issues.

Founder Emma Haswell has covered many issues such as rodeo cruelty, greyhound racing, battery hens, pig farming and puppy farming. Links to some of the media we have done are below.

Files for download

Animal Welfare {Ban Battery Hens) Amendment Bill 2008

‘Clean and green’ state Tasmania bans battery eggs

The Australian |
22 May, 2012
Reporter: Sue Neales

Puppy farm cruelty outrage

The Mercury |
11 January, 2012
Reporter: Craig Hoggett

The Hidden Truth

Friday, November 20, 2009
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producer: Howard Sacre

Brutalised greyhound found buried alive

The Age |
6 October, 2004
Reporter: Lorna Edwards

Pig Cruelty (story transcript)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation |
8 May, 2009
Reporter: Airlie Ward

Pitt’s Latest (story transcript)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation |
29 February, 2008
Reporter: Airlie Ward

Animal rights campaigner spreads message

Australian Broadcasting Corporation |
12 December, 2008
Reporter: Airlie Ward