brightside animals

Brightside Farm Sanctuary is  home to 250 animals including  cows, sheep, donkeys,  pigs, ponies and horses, dogs, geese, rescued battery hens, ducks,goats, rabbits, birds, ferrets and even a family of rescued domestic rats who were found in a plastic container dumped at the tip.


We also foster and re-home animals including about 300 dogs a year many are rescued greyhounds that always happily fit in at Brightside.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. GANDHI

Brightside is home to Wilbur one of the piggy stars of the Paramount Pictures film Charlottes Web. She and her friends who have been rescued from piggeries love to spend time with visitors and especially enjoy a tummy rub and a chat.

Sadly our farm sanctuary cannot rescue every suffering, abused or factory-farmed animal but those that do find a home at Brightside begin their new life here as ambassadors for those less fortunate of their species, many of whom are locked away in rows of tiny cages in windowless ammonia filled sheds on factory farms. The animals show their personalities, their gentle natures and their desire to meet people. We tell their individual stories in the hope that people will see farm animals in a new light. We hope people will realize there really is no difference in the way a pig, cow, dog or cat interact with humans when they are treated with kindness and overcome fear.

We find many people after visiting Brightside no longer want animals to be part of their diet, it seems that once people meet and spentime with farm  animals they usually only see on their plate they think differently about them and realise they are so much more than a human meal.

Please take time to meet our some of our animal friends through our website. Brightside is a special place where animals feel safe.

Animals are my friends and I don’t eat my friends. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW

brightside camels

Albert and Einstein

Albert and Einstein were captured and taken from the wild by dealers, they were separated from their mothers when they were only babies and taken to an animal sale. Thankfully Brightside was at the sale rescuing donkeys and the two baby camels landed on their feet and found themselves heading to Tasmania to lead happy and safe lives at Brightside.



Diesel was surrendered to Brightside Farm Sanctuary when his human could no longer keep him. He had been absolutely adored.
He came to us with a torn tendon and what turned out to be arthritis which made him lame.
After seeing a couple of different vets we decided to have surgery done to sever the nerve in his lower front leg. He now feels no pain and is able to live in a herd with some of the other Brightside resident horses.


brightside bobby


Bubby has been a Brightside resident for 2 years, he came to us when he was 4 as he was unable to stay in his old home and they could not stand the thought of him being slaughtered and eaten. He loves being a favorite resident at Brightside and is showered with love and affection which he takes all in his giant stride.



Fudge was surrendered to Brightside when she was 6 weeks old as she has hydrocephalus, a severe life threatening condition where
fluid builds in the brain which can causes brain damage. In Fudges’ case it resulted in some of her brain moving into the spinal column .
She is the happiest little dog and lives a wonderful life. The main difference between her and other dogs is she is just a little delayed with her thinking and reactions times.
Fudge loves being involved in everything and she loves being Emma’s co pilot.



We rescued Emerald from a large dairy. She had been labelled a cull due to the condition of her udder and was being sent to slaughter. Every year her calves had been taken from her just after they were born.
Emerald had been left by herself on rich pasture and her udder was almost touching the ground because she had so much milk. She had mastitis and was very ill.
We treated her and found her a calf who she could be mother to for life. Emerald fell in love with her new baby, Willie. She loves him so much and now trusts humans too.



Ivan was rescued by a lovely girl who visited friends that were breeding pigs. She discovered a tiny runt who had a broken leg. He was struggling to get food because not only was he the runt but also his leg was broken. His future was very bleak. She called and asked if we would take him.
Ivan is now a healthy pig and his leg is fully healed. More than anything Ivan absolutely adores people. His love of people is closely followed by his love of food and muddy wallows.



Costa is one of 36 sheep who call Brightside home.
He was surrendered by a lovely girl who had hand reared him from when he was tiny. She had cared for him for a few years but could no longer keep him. She wanted him to have sheep friends as he had only been with horses and humans and also to be safe somewhere he would never be someones next meal. We love Costa very much.