Please support those who support us!

We would like to offer a special thank you to all those who give us their ongoing support.

The Elsie Cameron Trust.

Dedicated to helping improve the lives of animals. The Elsie cameron Trust founded by Jan Cameron is our major sponsor. Without Jans support we would not be able to operate as we do.


Based in Launceston, Tasmania are an innovative boutique design agency, delivering beautiful, functional results such as our beautiful website which they so kindly donated. With an emphasis on considered, creative design; grafik deliver bespoke design solutions to every project challenge. We would like to thank Chris and Matt for our beautiful website and for their understanding as to what we wanted. Also for their incredible patience ! Visit grafik.


Bio-Distributors is a family business run by Ric and Jo Easton from their property near Sheffield, Tasmania. It was started by Ric and Jo in 1991  and  focuses on ethical considerations including animal rights issues and the concept of fair trade.Bio-Distributors offer a range of predominantly certified organic food which is produced in an environmentally friendly manner. Products are 100% vegan and have not been tested on animals. The business aims to support, encourage and foster the production of vegan organic and bio-dynamic food by providing a link between producer and consumer.

Ric and Jo believe in helping make the world a better place by using over 75% of their profits (2008-09) to support causes and organisations which share similar philosophies to theirs.


The animal protection institute who awareded us the People’s Choice award for our Brightside Compassion trail.

“Voiceless will bring the institutionalised suffering of animals to the forefront of Australia’s agenda; ensuring that animal protection is the next great social justice movement.”

The Hobart Community Veterinary Clinic and The Animal Welfare League of Queensland.

Colbrook St, Lenah Valley, Hobart,Tasmania.

Thank you to the wonderful staff who have treated and de sexed our many, many rescued dogs and cats since Jan 2012 at a special rate. Without their assistance we would be lost.

Mayfair Veterinary Clinic.

Thank you for treating all our animals whether  chicken, dog or bird with the upmost care.

Sandy Bay, Hobart – 03 62 244244

John and Lynda Blythe

For their wonderful long term fostering of Brightside cows and horses.

Our awesome volunteers !!

Thank you Eliza, Julie, Alison, Rhiannon, John and Jill, Anja, Len, Chris, Wendy and Jo and Kim and John.


Peace of Mind Boarding Kennels.

For kindly boarding overflow dogs for us in their wonderful boarding kennels (at no charge) when we get overwhelmed !


Dog foster carers.

Thank you also to our wonderful dog foster carers.


Kimberleys Pet Taxi

For helping transport animals when we get overwhelmed 🙂


Thank you also to those generous people who sponsor rescued animals at Brightside Farm Sanctuary and to those who donated to our horse appeals and made the rescues possible.

Would you like to donate?

Brightside relies on your support, we are a not for profit Farm Sanctuary dedicated to all animals. With your support we can continue to help needy animals, educate and campaign to improve the lives of farm animals in Australia.