Virtual Adoption is a great way to support the ongoing work here at Brightside. You may also like to gift an adoption to a family member or an animal loving friend.

Virtual adoption is similar to animal sponsorship whereby your payment goes towards the costs of keeping that animal.

When you virtually adopt an animal from Brightside you will receive a certificate, made out in your name or the name of your choice,  with a picture and a biography of the animal. Please tell us who you would like the certificate made out to and from in the additional comments section.

All payments are processed in our online store via Paypal and certificates are posted out within 14 days.


Bobo was surrendered to Brightside after we found her on gumtree. She had no feathers just fluff remained. She looked terrible and so tiny and stressed. It has taken quite a few years of her growing feathers and losing them but finally our beautiful friend Bobo has all of all her feathers, even her wing and tail feathers have grown back. Now she can fly.
Bobo lives in a beautiful aviary with a pond and garden and other Eclectus Parrots. No more cages for Bobo.


Pearl was surrendered to Brightside after a kind man found her in the bush alone. She was 4 years old and she had never been shorn, she was also covered in lice. There was so much wool covering her face that she was blind. The weight of the wool made it so hard for her to walk that she was starving and so weak she had collapsed and was unable to get to her feet. She was lying in the bush unable to move and she was slowly dying.
Our wonderful shearer Danny came straight away and he removed 4 years of wool. From that day on Pearl never looked back. She joined the Brightside flock and has a home with us for life.


Buddy is a Flemish Giant. He is a huge rabbit. He came to us after a kind person sent us a gumtree ad showing Buddy in the tiniest A-frame cage you can buy. He was for sale with his cage and it was clear he could barely move.
At Brightside Buddy lives in a huge paddock that is securely fenced for rabbits with his 5 rabbit friends who he adores. Buddy loves to snuggle with his friends and eating carrots and other fresh fruit and veggies.


Cav is one of 20  horses who call Brightside home.
He was one of the worst 3 cases of cruelty we have ever seen. He was a skeleton and he could barely walk, his friend lay next to him dead. Worms had made holes in his gut the fluid had pooled in his legs and chest. These days he is a picture of health and he loves his life where he is safe in our rescue herd.
We love Cav very much.
brightside bobbie turkey


Bobbie grew up in a turkey factory farm but was lucky enough to be rescued and sent to live at Brightside where she is free to roam and make lots of turkey and non turkey friends.


Costa is one of 36 sheep who call Brightside home.
He was surrendered by a lovely girl who had hand reared him from when he was tiny. She had cared for him for a few years but could no longer keep him. She wanted him to have sheep friends as he had only been with horses and humans and also to be safe somewhere he would never be someones next meal. We love Costa very much.


Diesel was surrendered to Brightside Farm Sanctuary when his human could no longer keep him. He had been absolutely adored.
He came to us with a torn tendon and what turned out to be arthritis which made him lame.
After seeing a couple of different vets we decided to have surgery done to sever the nerve in his lower front leg. He now feels no pain and is able to live in a herd with some of the other Brightside resident horses.


Ivan was rescued by a lovely girl who visited friends that were breeding pigs. She discovered a tiny runt who had a broken leg. He was struggling to get food because not only was he the runt but also his leg was broken. His future was very bleak. She called and asked if we would take him.
Ivan is now a healthy pig and his leg is fully healed. More than anything Ivan absolutely adores people. His love of people is closely followed by his love of food and muddy wallows.
broightside cows tess


Tess was born on a Victorian dairy farm and was sent to a huge cattle sale. Our founder Emma outbid an exporter at the sale and bought Tess home to live at Brightside.
brightside pigs ned


Ned is a permanent resident at Brightside. He was seized by police and surrendered to us after being found in terrible conditions.
brightside camels albert and einstein


Albert and Einstein were captured and taken from the wild by dealers, they were separated from their mothers when they were only babies and taken to an animal sale. Thankfully Brightside was at the sale rescuing donkeys and the two baby camels landed on their feet and found themselves heading to Tasmania to lead happy and safe lives at Brightside.
brightside bull bubby


Bubby has been a Brightside resident for 2 years, he came to us when he was 4 as he was unable to stay in his old home and they could not stand the thought of him being slaughtered and eaten. He loves being a favorite resident at Brightside and is showered with love and affection which he takes all in his giant stride.